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Total Hail Restoration is a reliable choice for restoring your vehicle or home after a hailstorm. Our use of advanced technology and innovative techniques ensures that your restoration will be thorough and precise.

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Restoring Beauty and Safety After the Storm: Your Hail Damage Solution in Dallas

Welcome to Total Hail Restoration, your reliable partner in Dallas, for complete hail damage restoration. In the wake of unexpected Texas storms that leave your roof and vehicle in disarray, our team of friendly experts is here to help you with precision and care. With years of experience and the latest technology, we are committed to restoring your valuable assets to their original condition, giving you peace of mind under the Lone Star sky.

Our Mission
  • Provide the highest quality repairs and the best warranty in the industry.
  • Operate with integrity and transparency.
  • Advocate on behalf of our customer to their insurance carrier to ensure they get the right repairs to fully restore their property.


At Total Hail Restoration, we take pride in being your unparalleled choice for hail damage restoration in North Texas. When you choose us, you're choosing expertise, reliability, and a commitment to making your hail damage restoration experience exceptional. We're here to get you back on track quickly and efficiently, making your property whole again.

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Decades of Experience
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Cutting-Edge Technology
Dual Expertise
Insurance Assistance
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``If Hail Hits It, We Fix It!``

WHY Choose Total Hail Restoration?

Hail Damage is what we do

For hail damage, it's best to seek out the experts rather than relying on a conventional body shops. Trust the professionals to get it done correctly on the first try.

We work for you, Not your insurance carrier

We are excited to work alongside your insurance provider to ensure the best possible repair for your vehicle. Our team makes sure your insurance covers the highest quality repair.


With our Zero-Cost program, you will not have to pay your deductible as long as it is up to $1000. Additionally, we offer a free loaner car service.

Our Customers are our #1 Priority

At our company, we treat customers like family and prioritize quality work and satisfaction over profits. We aim to establish lasting relationships with clients.

“Give us 1% of your trust and we will earn the other 99%” – Dean Muchmore, owner of Total Hail Restoration

Roofers you can trust

Finding a trustworthy roofer can be challenging. You'll be pleased to know that our team of expert roofers is committed to delivering exceptional service.

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Residient and Commercial - No project too large or too small
  • We work with all Insurance carriers
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Precision in Every Detail: Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Expertise

Our specialized service, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), sets us apart at Total Hail Restoration. PDR is a technique that showcases our commitment to efficiency, precision, and preserving the beauty of your vehicle. Here's why our PDR service stands out:

  • We have expert PDR Technicians.
  • This helps to Preserve Your Vehicle's Value.
  • This process makes the repair faster.
  • Also, this service is Cost-Effective
  • Most importantly, PDR is an Environmentally Friendly process.
How do we restore your vehicle?

The hail repair process


Inspection and Assessment

Our experienced team begins with a thorough inspection of the hail damage on your vehicle or roof. This initial assessment helps us determine the extent of the damage and plan the appropriate repairs.


Insurance Claim Assistance

If you're working with insurance, we assist you in filing a hail damage claim with your insurance provider. Our experts guide you through the process, ensuring all necessary documentation is provided.


Paintless Dent Repair Planning

Post-assessment and insurance clarity, we devise a repair strategy tailored to your needs, detailing materials, methods, and restoration timeline. Skilled technicians use advanced paintless dent repair tools to address hail damage.


Skilled Restoration

Expert technicians employ advanced tools or techniques for your vehicle or roof hail damage repairs. Whether addressing dents using paintless dent repair or substituting shingles, we guarantee precise, superior-quality work.


Quality Assurance

After restoration, your vehicle or roof is cleaned and meticulously checked to ensure perfect repairs. It undergoes three distinct quality inspections before delivery. We commit to providing a fully restored car or roof .


Restoration Completion

Ensuring satisfaction, we perfect your vehicle or roof restoration. Our team delivers your vehicle to your chosen location in flawless condition. With a lifetime warranty on our Services, your asset is ready to perform optimally.


Before After

Location: Sheman, TX
Date of Hailstorm: March 2nd, 2023
Before After

Property Location: Irving, TX
Date of Hailstorm: March 16th, 2023
Before After

Location: Irving, TX
Date of Hailstorm: March 16th, 2023

Client's Reviews


Client's Reviews

Jade and Dean Total Hail Restoration this was the best Customer Service I’ve ever received. They picked up my car up and when I received my car back I did not have a single hail dent , and then re-delivered my vehicle. Great customer service (The BEST SERVICE I HAD EVER RECEIVED )and I would definitely do business with them again.

Henry Baker Customer

This is the only repair shop that I’ve ever had a 100% AMAZING experience with in years. This place truly cares about its customers, especially Trevor. He literally took care of everything for us. He stayed in constant contact, giving us updates daily, and always answered immediately when we had questions for him. If you ever need hail damage repair, come here and ask for Trevor because he is the best person ever.

Heather Drennan Customer

These guys did an excellent job on all points! They came to the house to check the car after the storm and showed up when they said they would. Jerry did a great job with all communications. Provided a nice rental to use and drove my car to the shop. Worked with my insurance company for me. Delivered the car back to my home and picked up the rental when the repairs were done. The car looks new! They made the whole experience as easy as it could get. I will use and recommend their services anytime. Thanks again, Total Hail Restoration!!!

Bill Nelson Customer

Overall, I highly recommend Total Hail Restoration for any hail damage repairs. Their exceptional workmanship, friendly staff, and efficient service make them the go-to choice in the area. Thank you, Dean and your entire amazing team, for restoring my car to its original glory!

Hebron Mosomi Customer

OMG 10/10!! gave me a rental and 2 tires for free! amazing people and awesome customer service. Andrew was the best ever! thank y’all so much

Jazzlyn DeRousse Customer

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    We specialize in repairing a wide range of hail damage, including dents, scratches, and paint damage on vehicles. For roofs, we can address shingle damage, leaks, and structural issues caused by hail. Whether it's your vehicle or your home, our expert team at Total Hail Restoration is equipped to restore and renew your property after hailstorms in Dallas, ensuring it looks and performs like new.

    The duration of the hail damage restoration process can vary significantly based on factors such as the extent and type of damage, prevailing weather conditions, material availability, the workload and scheduling of the restoration service provider, and insurance processing time, if applicable. Minor repairs may be completed relatively quickly, but extensive damage or adverse weather conditions can extend the timeline.

    Auto and homeowner's insurance policies usually cover hail damage. Check your policy or contact your provider to confirm. If you're covered, report the claim with photos and a description of the damage to the claims department. They'll guide you through the process, and help with inspections and reimbursement. For assistance or questions about the claims process, our team at Total Hail Restoration is here to help with hail damage restoration services in Dallas. We're happy to work directly with insurance providers to streamline the repair process.

    We're thrilled to offer estimates for both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. To minimize your wait time, we suggest booking an appointment with us. This way, we can guarantee that one of our skilled technicians will be available to promptly assess your vehicle's damage and provide an accurate estimate. To book an appointment, simply give us a call or visit our website to schedule online. We can't wait to assist you!